Thursday, October 9, 2008

Introductions of the cloud computing and SAAS

Cloud Computing

When we talk about the cloud computing in this blog, usually, we are talking about running the applications in or from network servers. These network servers could be the offered by those major service platform providers like Amazon, Google, IBM, SAP, Microsoft andSalesforce.

According to the definition of ZDNET, cloud computing could be:

(1) Performing enormous scientific calculations in hundreds or thousands of idle machines within an enterprise or worldwide. See grid computing. See also utility computing.

(2) Running applications in or from network servers. Computing "in the cloud" may refer to a company's own network, but often refers to the Internet and the use of Web browser-based or rich client applications. It implies a trend toward thin client computing, which was embodied in the "network computer" of the late 1990s (see network computer).


SAAS stands for Software-As-A-Service.

According to the ZDNET, SAAS means software that is rented rather than purchased. Instead of buying software and paying for periodic upgrades, SAAS is subscription based, and all upgrades are provided during the term of the subscription. When the subscription period expires, the software is no longer valid.

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